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Sound of Music (Asolo Repertory Theatre): 

"The cast is outstanding. Leading the way is Maddie Shea Baldwin as a most robust Maria. She enters the show via a trapdoor, flashing a mile-wide smile and throwing her shoes, and the audience instantly falls in love. She brings a youthful verve to the part, euphoric, sort of a cheerleader for life. Sometimes Ms. Baldwin teeters on being overzealous, in an "Up with People" kind of way, but she never totally dives into that trap. She's strong, scrappy and spunky, bursting with energy. We love watching her and listening to her incredible voice in such standards as "The Sound of Music," "I Have Confidence," and her various numbers with the von Trapp children. (The songs are so familiar that the whole musical sounds like Rodgers & Hammerstein's Greatest Hits.)" Broadway World Tampa (Peter Nason) 

  "Maddie Shea Baldwin plays one of every female performer's dream roles, Maria Rainer. Baldwin lights up the stage with her smile and captivates her audience with her voice. Her gentle spirit towards the von Trapp family is never diminished by the passion she displays for what she believes is right. The genuine love she displays for the children in her care makes us all wish we had a Governess like Maria when we were growing up. She is confident and her poise never wavers. Baldwin's vocal strength is steadfast, but it is the songs she sings with the von Trapp children that allow you to truly see the incredible talent Baldwin possess. She doesn't just look like the perfect Maria, she is the perfect Maria." - Broadway World Sarasota (Jacob Ruscoe)

"Maria Rainer (Maddie Shea Baldwin) bellowed a forceful yet mellifluous soprano and echoed the Abbey’s cloister and the streets and alleys of Nunnberg. And though having the vocal range that other artists have provided, she was able to be endearing without being saccharine, and give a new life and verve to this cherished role." - The Bradenton Times (Joseph Amato)

"Rhodes goes for honesty, and his production, led by a transformative performance by Maddie Shea Baldwin as the new governess, Maria, features characters filled with genuine emotions, a cast of young children who are adorable but not cloying and voices that send those Richard Rodgers melodies soaring over the hills. Baldwin is the most rambunctious and playful Maria I’ve ever seen, clearly showing that she is still a child herself and eager for adventure and discovery. And we get to see her mature before our eyes as her feelings for the captain emerge during a beautifully realized dance to the “Landler,” designed as a kind of Austrian folk dance. Baldwin and Tally Sessions as the captain begin innocently, just recalling the steps, but as their bodies twist and turn, you see the blush on their cheeks and a realization of deeper emotions in their eyes." - Herald Tribune (Jay Handelman) 

"Don't miss Maddie Shea Baldwin's Debut as Maria Extraordinaire in "Sound of Music”

"The emergence of the glorious Maddie Shea Baldwin from below the stage singing “The Sound of Music” was truly a revelation. Baldwin makes her Asolo debut as Maria Rainer and has thus far only performed in one Broadway show Steve Martin’s “Bright Star..." (Bonnie Greenball Silvestri)


"The cast has no weak links. Baldwin’s Maria is adorable without being a Julie Andrews imitation. She doesn’t even sing like Andrews. You get more of a sense of Maria’s girlish side. Like a butterfly in a cocoon, her character’s still in the process of becoming. She’s not an icon yet."  - Your Observer (Marty Fugate)

"Portraying Maria Rainer, the wannabe nun is Maddie Shea Baldwin who easily compares with Julie Andrews who made the role hers and hers alone for decades. Baldwin was in the Broadway and road company productions of “Bright Star,” another show that requires versatile singers." - Venice Gondolier Sun (Kim Cool) 

"The Sound of Music lives or dies on the performance of its Maria, and Maddie Shea Baldwin is a find, filling the role with youthful zest and exuberance. Her interactions with the seven young actors playing the von Trapp children give the production its lift." - Talkin' Broadway (William S. Oser) 

“Maddie Shea Baldwin makes for an energetic, feisty Maria, timid at first about leaving the convent walls to serve the Von Trapp family and its martinet father Georg (Tally Sessions) but soon willing to stand up to him. Her personality onstage makes her interactions with all those children believable and enjoyable, on the famous “Do-Re-Mi” song that first brings them together and throughout the show." - Sarasota Magazine (Kay Kipling) 

"When Maddie Shea Baldwin rises out of a trap door to sing the title song with a full throated voice, we hear the first clue that this Maria will bring a fresh sound to the familiar phrases. Baldwin is spunky and captivating." - They Lynne Show (Sharon Lesley) 

LadyShip (New York Musical Festival):

"She gets both the showstopper “I’m Done” and the show’s big musical climax, “I’ll Find a Way.” Baldwin (“Bright Star” on Broadway) brings an understated charisma and a lucid, burnished voice to the role." (Jon Sobel) 

"Baldwin’s fierce performance endows the score, by sisters Laura and Linda Good, with variety, her steely vibrato conveying depths that the oft-clunky lyrics do not (“Father would drink/I’d clean up his stink,” Alice overshares). Baldwin deserves a hardier vessel for her talents, but she still gets a chance to let it rip in the anthemic ballad “I’ll Find A Way.”" - (Dan Rubins)

Bright Star 1st National Tour:

"As Margo, Baldwin glows in a role she previously understudied; waiting patiently for Billy to wake up to their inevitable union, she demonstrates warmth and tenderness in her solo, "Asheville"." -Hollywood Reporter (Jordan Riefe) 

“Always Will,” the love duet between Billy and Margo (Maddie Shea Baldwin), the childhood friend he no longer sees as a child anymore, won’t win any awards for its lyrics, but it accomplishes its romantic task with mellifluous ardency." - La Times (Charles McNulty) 

A Wall Apart (New York Musical Festival): 

"All the actors are excellent and elevate the material, especially Baldwin and Bondurant, with their strong and versatile voices which easily move between the more theatrical material to the harder rock songs. They also have a natural and believable chemistry as a couple." - (Sarah Moore) 

"Likewise, Jordan Bondurant and Maddie Shea Baldwin bring authenticity to their performances as Kurt and Esther and their numbers together and with the ensemble are passionate and engaging. “Meet Me in the Middle,” “I Want to Be in Love with You,” and “A Wall Apart” convince the audience of the commitments of these two endearing characters who push and pull at one another as they search for some middle ground in their developing relationship." - (David Roberts) 

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